SfA for education and training

Education and training providers can adopt SfA to define learning outcomes, curricula and to support the sales and marketing of their products and services.

How education and training providers use SfA

Quality of learning outcomes

  • align curriculum to industry/employer needs and to improving employability
  • align industry placements and apprenticeships to employer needs
  • define required competencies and skills profiles to support role-based learning
  • map curriculum to skills and knowledge attainment
  • support developmental and evaluative skills assessment

Internal efficiency

  • save the cost, effort and time needed to develop and maintain your own skills and competency framework
  • learn and share good practice in the adoption of competency frameworks to support education and training e.g. for skills and competency assessment, learning objectives, career pathing
  • ensure your requirements are represented in the future development of the world’s most widely adopted skills and competency framework

Marketing, promotion and sales

  • make use of SfA’s globally accepted, language for skills and competency levels
  • increase global awareness and confidence in the products and services you offer - from different countries and from a range of different professional disciplines
  • benchmark your learning products and services against the globally recognised standard for competency
  • create learning catalogues with blended learning solutions combining formal and on the job learning

If you represent an education and training provider, please contact us to see how you can benefit from working with SfA.

Developing and maintaining your own competency framework

Before you start work to develop your own professional competency framework it is useful to understand:

  • the activities needed to develop and maintain a framework and the time, cost and effort required
  • the links between skills, knowledge and experience in order to create an effective framework
  • how you can save time, cost and effort by using SfA as the basis for your competency framework and/or use SfA to kick start your own framework development
  • the wider benefits of using SfA and how you can join with others and shape the future content of SfA

Please contact us before developing your own framework.