SfA for employers

SfA boosts the effectiveness and competitiveness of agricultural organisations by enabling:

  • new operating models
  • organisation and job design
  • workforce planning
  • sourcing and recruitment
  • resource deployment
  • skills and performance assessment
  • skills gaps analysis
  • skills and capability development programmes
  • career paths
  • compensation and reward

About SfA

SfA describes the skills and competencies required by professionals in roles involved in agriculture. Learn more about what SfA is, its design principles, who uses it and why they use it.

SfA and skills management

SfA provides a common language throughout the skills management cycle. This improves communication and understanding for all involved e.g. line management, HR and employees. By using SfA, organisations can achieve a consistent and integrated skills and people management approach.

How SfA works

At the core of SfA is a comprehensive set of descriptions of professional skills and generic attributes.

The context for SfA

SfA is industry-led and at its core is the need for experience. SfA’s model for professional capability is holistic and includes experience, professional skills, knowledge, behaviours, qualifications and certifications. SfA is used by CABI and other organisations to define their professional competencies, to support their accreditation schemes and their bodies of knowledge.

Browse the content of SfA

SfA is designed to be flexible and there are a number of different ways to browse the content of the framework.

Using SfA

SfA is non-prescriptive in how you, as an employer, can use it. You can pick it up and flex and adapt it to suit your needs and desired outcomes.

Please contact us to find out more about how to use the SfA in your organisation.