SfA is becoming the globally accepted common language for the skills and competencies for the agricutural world. Within its scope will be many of the occupations in the agricultural sector:

  • Smallholder farmer
  • Extension worker
  • Agronomist
  • Agricutural input supplier
  • Farm equipment supplier

SfA and skills management

SfA provides a common language throughout the skills management cycle. This improves communication and understanding for all involved e.g. line management, HR and employees. By using SfA, organisations can achieve a consistent and integrated skills and people management approach.

How SfA works

At the core of SfA is a comprehensive set of descriptions of professional skills and generic attributes. This section describes how it all fits together to form a simple, yet powerful, and proven approach.

The context for SfA

SfA is industry-led and at its core is the need for experience. SfA’s model for professional capability is holistic and includes experience, professional skills, knowledge, behaviours, qualifications and certifications.