Join us

Would you like to influence the development of this skills framework?

We have convened a working group, consisting of organisations and individuals from across the world.

There is a lot to do:

  • We want to extend the number of roles it covers.
  • We want to create good descriptors for each skill.
  • We want to get buy-in from countries and organisations across the world who will adopt the framework and use it with their people.

Why join the working group?

  • You will influence the direction of agricultural skills development across the world.
  • You will work with people from organisations as diverse as CABI, FAO, CNFA, Digital Green and Syngenta.
  • You will learn to apply the skills framework in your own workplace.

What will being a member involve?

  • We hold monthly online workshops. These are asynchronous, to accommodate our different time zones.
  • Each month, the facilitors will set a series of discussion starter questions and invite responses.
  • We hope that members will promote the skills framework within their own organisations.

How to join us