Agri-dealer employee skills

Water management

S025 - Apply irrigation techniques

Extension services

S002 - Access reliable information

S030 - Assess weather parameters

S033 - Calculate input ratios

S058 - Consult with experts

S097 - Identify cultural implications in communication

S106 - Identify problems

S146 - Mobilize farmers

S154 - Organize field days

S194 - Undertake basic safety checks

Record management

S003 - Accurately record data

S059 - Correctly interpret records

S112 - Identify types of business records

S128 - Maintain accurate records

S133 - Manage creditors / debtors' records

S179 - Regularly reconcile records

S197 - Use records to meet expenses

Project management

S004 - Achieve organization's mission

S044 - Conduct organization's meetings

S073 - Develop work plan

S079 - Establish & monitor organization's objectives

Communication skills

S005 - Actively listen

S042 - Communicate effectively

S132 - Make convincing presentations

Agribusiness administration

S006 - Address cash shortages

S008 - Adjust to rapid changes/challenges

S013 - Analyse business opportunities

S019 - Analyse solution’s cost/benefits

S037 - Carry out financial planning

S088 - Forecast cash flow

S096 - Identify and resolve basic problems

S108 - Identify purpose of working capital

S113 - Identify viable business models

S130 - Maintain clean business premises

S131 - Make business decisions

S141 - Manage risks / uncertainties / change

S144 - Manage working capital

S147 - Mobilize resources

S148 - Monitor cash flows


Agricultural marketing

S009 - Adopt appropriate pricing strategies

S014 - Analyse consumer preferences

S034 - Calculate product costs

S035 - Carefully display billboards and price tags

S050 - Conduct market analysis

S060 - Create demand for products

S068 - Design marketing strategies

S090 - Give good customer service

S092 - Handle complaints promptly

S118 - Implement marketing activities

S120 - Increase sales over time

S126 - List customer requirements

S193 - Treat customers ethically

Advisory services

S010 - Advice on safe input use

S024 - Apply group dynamics principles

S028 - Apply youth inclusive approaches

S047 - Conduct field demonstrations

S049 - Conduct focus group discussions

S078 - Engage and retain youth

S123 - Keep abreast with new ICTs

S136 - Manage nurseries

S151 - Operate agricultural machinery

Input supply

S016 - Analyse input demand

S061 - Deliver inputs timely

S085 - Facilitate access to credit/input supply

S098 - Identify different seed/fertilizer types

S109 - Identify seed production processes

S110 - Identify sources of inputs

S124 - Know product details

S138 - Manage relationship with input suppliers

S183 - Safely transport inputs

S189 - Supply quality inputs

Crop management

S018 - Analyse soil nutrients

S075 - Educate on aggregating produce

S173 - Recommend good farming practices

S174 - Recommend pest management approaches

S176 - Recommend seeds and fertilizers

Value chain development

S161 - Promote farm entrepreneurship

S168 - Provide market information

S190 - Support value chain development

Soft skills

S022 - Apply critical thinking

S089 - Foster open communication environment

S143 - Manage time

S152 - Operate in transparency/ accountability

S156 - Persuade for change

S185 - Seek learning opportunities

S188 - Set personal goals

S202 - Manage conflict


S029 - Appreciate gender differences

S196 - Use gender sensitive approaches

Relationship management

S031 - Build networks

S032 - Build strategic partnerships

S077 - Encourage teamwork and collaboration

S121 - Initiate social networks

S134 - Manage farmer relationship

S137 - Manage relationship with clients

S139 - Manage relationships with financial institutions

S140 - Manage relationships with government

S170 - Receive criticism and suggestions

S171 - Recognize others' contributions

Stock management

S036 - Carry high turn-over stocks

S039 - Clearly display stock

S129 - Maintain appropriate stock levels

S142 - Manage stock records

S150 - Monitor stock turnover

S166 - Properly store inputs / stock

Participatory approaches

Monitoring and evaluation

S051 - Conduct needs assessment

S066 - Design experiments

S069 - Design solutions

S149 - Monitor performance / progress

Crop diagnostics

Chemical use

S082 - Explain agrochemical application practices

S091 - Handle chemicals safely

S175 - Recommend pesticides